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iButton Temperature Loggers

iButton Hygrochron Temperature/Humidity Logger

DS1402D-DR8 1-Wire Network Cables


DS1402D-DR8 1-Wire Network Cables


The DS1402 series of 1-Wire network cables provides connectivity to any USB, serial, or parallel port 1-Wire adapter. Both the iButton probe cables and the Blue Dot receptor cables can touch any iButton, but can only hold the F5 version iButtons. The DS1402-BR8+ is an extension cable for the DS1401 iButton Holder. The DS1402-RC3+ connects to the DS1922F. Applications of the DS1402-series 1-Wire network cables range from software protection and access control to asset management and thermalmonitoring through handheld computers.

Key Features

DS1921G Thermochron iButton Device

DS1921H High-Resolution Thermochron iButton Devices

DS1921Z High-Resolution Thermochron iButton Devices

DS1922E iButton High-Temperature Logger with 8KB Data-Log Memory

DS1922L iButton Temperature Loggers with 8KB Data-Log Memory

DS1922T iButton Temperature Loggers with 8KB Data-Log Memory

DS1923 iButton Hygrochron Temperature/Humidity Logger with 8KB Data-Log Memory

DS1925 iButton High-Density Temperature Logger with 122KB Data-Log Memory

DS9097U-S09 Universal 1-Wire COM Port Adapter

DS1402D-DR8 1-Wire Network Cables

iButton Hygrochron Temperature Humidity Logger,ds1923,ds1922,ds1921






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